Speed Up Your WordPress Themes

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WordPress Themes can be more faster than you think let’s see how !!? A few months ago, I ran an experiment to see how much faster I could make one of my websites in less than two hours of work. After installing a handful of WordPress plugins and fixing a [Seguir leyendo]

Create A Twitter Widget

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How To Create A Twitter Widget for your WordPress Themes . Twitter needs no introduction.Wordpress Themes It has become the way to reach audiences for some people and companies and a place to hang out for others. Placing a Twitter feed on one’s website has almost become compulsory. Embedding a [Seguir leyendo]

Google Two-Factor Authentication

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What You’ll Be Creating Brute force login attacks targeting WordPress sites are quite common, such as in April 2013 when more than 90,000 sites were targeted. There are a handful of good ways to protect yourself against these attacks: Choosing a strong administrator password Installing a plugin that guards against [Seguir leyendo]

WordPress:Categories VS Tags

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For many new users of the WordPress platform, defining the difference between these two can be a little bit difficult at first. Thankfully, understanding how they are different is not as hard as it may seem so let’s break it down.   Back in November, I touched on the differences [Seguir leyendo]

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Best Permalink Structure

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  You have to change you timezone, the tagline, your user profile information, and much more. Perhaps one that setting that needs to change but that has stumped quite a few is the Permalink setting. You are given quite a few options there, but which one is the best to [Seguir leyendo]

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Is Jetpack Misleading Users to Promote WordPress.com?

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Are you using Jetpack’s publicize feature on your site? Recently while browsing through Facebook, we found several folks sharing links where WordPress replaced the site domain. Along with that, the status also read like this: Michelle Schulp published an article in WordPress. <img class=»alignnone size-full wp-image-25095″ title=»Facebook Status being hijacked [Seguir leyendo]